Our world-class player management software is among the fastest, most secure and highly flexible systems available. You really will be surprised just how much you get for just $10 per head.

Player Management


The Player Management report gives you detailed information for all of your players. The report also allows you to drill down through all of your sub-agents and master agents (with their own sub-agents). Within individual player profiles you can review/set their credit limit, maximum wagers, wager balance, money at risk, available balance and what features they have available to them (ie: casino, horses, etc.). You have the ability to customize each players profile individually and communicate with them through an online messaging system.


Player Payments Manager


The payment option helps you keep track of players with a line of credit that have made a payment to you, but not made a full balance deposit. If a player owes you $1,000 but only pays you $500, you enter the $500 into the system to keep track of your balance with them.


Agent Exposure


The Agent Exposure report gives you a breakdown of players and sub-agents so you know what you have at risk in real-time. You can view top-level numbers and drill-down by sport or by individual players so you know your exposure.


Weekly Balances and Player Totals


The Weekly Balances Report shows how many players you had active every day of the week, their total wagers, volumes, wins, and losses. The report can be broken down by sports, horses and casino. The Player Totals shows you all of your players and their action over their entire lifetime so you can see what they have won or lost broken down by sports, horses or casino.


Open Bets and Bet Ticker


The Open Bets report shows all live pending wagers, where they were taken, who took the wager, the time the wager was taken and the details of the wager. The Bet Ticker provides real-time updates on incoming wagers made by your players, helping you see the action as it is happening.



Financial Reports


The Financial Reports allow you to see your cash flow, agent adjustments, weekly payments and settled figures. Never keep a hand ledger again thanks to all of the financial tools available to you.


Custom Lines

Lines Costume_Lines

As an agent you have the ability to set custom lines for you players in our system. Reset the money line, over/under or change the odds however you need to manage your action.