Take the Wheel with 247PPH and Daytona 500

Take the Wheel with 247PPH and Daytona 500

Seamless betting on a myriad of sports is just one of the reasons to expand your business to the pay per head frontier.  NBA, NHL, and the NCAA tournament all offer the usual wager but why not entice loyal and new customers with more than just pedestrian fare?  Now getting clients interested in new ventures rely on jut a few tweaks on your part and away you go.  247pph.com is here to tell you how Daytona could be the launching point for lucrative motorsports racing for you.


NASCAR Coverage is Excellent in Quality

Both in the offshore and media broadcasting industries, NASCAR has seen a spike in popularity due to how it is presented.  Television visuals and sound quality have gone up with pleasing informational graphics to suck you right into the experience.  In the same way, the army of opportunities with NASCAR pay per head wagering compels action to be placed.  Props, futures, and a variety of straight bets across the board gives the viewer the chance to easily  plunge into the action.  Your time tallying all these exotics is now next to nothing.  Lines are updated quickly and the accounting system does the rest.

24/7 with Exactness

Night owls and early morning geniuses do not have to interrupt the flow of your day.  You desire their action but to have to answer the phone or decipher cryptic voice mails and texts make it difficult to do our trade accurately.  The mistakes made before are first cup of coffee in the morning can make that one expensive cup of joe.

With Jeff Gordon’s last hurrah going so well, now is the time to push the Daytona 500 onto customers.  It is an all day experience and with a retiring legend, the time is ripe to cash in on sentiment.  With 247pph, you can expand into this frontier for nominal cost.  Handle will increase as well as wagering on most if not all sports you already offer.  It is a win win arrangement that has the bonus of making your life easier.  Cash in today and join the 247pph.com team today.