Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head

7PPH vs 247 ppH

This is how we match-up!

Casino: 7PPH (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Racebook: 7PPH (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Mobile: 7PPH (No) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Price: 7PPH ($10/Head) vs. 247ppH ($10/Head)

Why you should choose 247 ppH over 7PPH

7PPH is one of the lowest priced PPH providers you’re going to find at just $10/head. The problem is that 7PPH doesn’t even offer the agent the ability to have a call center, which is important to many small bookmakers who have bettors calling in bets.

7PPH also has very slow customer service, which is another reason I passed on choosing them. This isn’t the 1st time that they’ve had problems with support either and in this industry that’s unacceptable, as agents rely on reps being available for their clients.

247ppH is only $3/head, which isn’t much when you’re talking about running your business properly. 247ppH has 24/7 customer service that’s provided by English speaking reps. They answer all questions very quickly and provide much better service.

When it comes to the sportsbook 247ppH has much better software (DGS) and way better agent reports. The problem with the software at 7PPH is that it’s proprietary and they rarely update it anymore, so it’s quite a bit outdated compared to competitors.

247ppH offers an extensive selection of sports to wager on including every major and even many smaller leagues in the USA. If you have a sheet of bettors in the USA and you need to move your operation online 247ppH is by far the best.

7PPH Price per Head $10 (Never More) $10 Online Wagering Online Customer Support 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee 70 Plus Horse Racetracks Casino Software Mobile Device Betting Live Wagering No Minimum Fees Custom Skin Website Customizable Account Settings Player Account Management Admin Amount at Risk Report Daily, weekly, monthly balance reports Balance by Agents Graded Wagers Report Open Wagers Report Financial Reports


$13$10 (Never More)
Not AvailableOnline Wagering
Not AvailableCustom Skin Website
Not AvailableCustomizable Account Settings
Not AvailablePlayer Account Management Admin
Not AvailableAmount at Risk Report
Not AvailableDaily, weekly, monthly balance reports
Not AvailableBalance by Agents
Not AvailableGraded Wagers Report
Not AvailableOpen Wagers Report
Not AvailableFinancial Reports
Not AvailableSignup Promotion
Not Available4 Weeks Free
Not Available70 Plus Horse Racetracks
Not Available99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
Not AvailableCasino Software
Not AvailableMobile Device Betting
Not AvailableLive Wagering
Not AvailableNo Minimum Fees