Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head

Bookem Direct vs 247ppH

This is how we match-up!

Casino: Bookem Direct (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Racebook Bookem Direct (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Mobile: Bookem Direct (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Price: Bookem Direct (No Set Price) vs. 247ppH ($10/Head)

Why you should choose 247 ppH over Bookem Direct

Bookem Direct and 247ppH are both active in the US PPH market. Many agents in the US utilize 247ppH because of their flat fee per head with no minimums and because agents can make easy anonymous payments through services like WU or MG.

The main issue I have with Bookem Direct is that they don’t have prices set in stone, which is rare. Agents like knowing the cost, so I called Bookem Direct and if you have 20 clients roughly it’ll cost you $18 – $20/head depending upon the features.

If you want your clients to have access to the online casino it’ll cost a flat $20/head and that’s without horse racing. I don’t like the companies that charge an added fee for every little feature. 247ppH charges a simple $10/head with no minimums or fees.

Both companies use the DGS software, so there is no reason for the price hike by Bookem Direct either. In fact, you’ll find that the custom reporting tools provided by 247PPH are much more detailed and full of information that Bookem Direct.

At the end of the day agents want the best service possible for the lowest cost possible. 247ppH fits the bill here, as the price can’t be beat for what you get. Your clients get access to a sportsbook, racebook, casino and mobile app for just $10.

No set price$10 (Never More)
Not AvailableOnline Wagering
Custom Skin WebsiteCustom Skin Website
Customizable Account SettingsCustomizable Account Settings
Player Account Management AdminPlayer Account Management Admin
Not AvailableAmount at Risk Report
Not AvailableDaily, weekly, monthly balance reports
Not AvailableBalance by Agents
Not AvailableGraded Wagers Report
Not AvailableOpen Wagers Report
Not AvailableFinancial Reports
Not AvailableSignup Promotion
4 Weeks Free4 Weeks Free
Not Available70 Plus Horse Racetracks
Not Available99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
Casino SoftwareCasino Software
Not AvailableMobile Device Betting
Live WageringLive Wagering
Not AvailableNo Minimum Fees