Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head

PricePerHead vs 247ppH

This is how we match-up!

Casino: PricePerHead (Yes ? Agent Pays 20% of Losses) vs. 247ppH (Yes Free)

Racebook: PricePerHead (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Mobile: PricePerHead (Yes) vs. 247ppH (Yes)

Price: Price: PricePerHead ($20+/Head) vs. 247ppH ($10/Head)

Why you should choose 247 ppH over PricePerHead

PricePerHead has been in the business a few years longer than 247ppH and they have a remarkable software suite that doesn’t spare an expense, but it’s definitely not cheap. In fact, the price starts at $20/head and only goes up based on options you select.

PricePerHead also charges the agent 20% casino losses, so if your client losses $500 in the casino you have to pay $100. 247ppH has a great casino add-on that’s completely free and they don’t charge the agent a commission on the losses, which is great.

There are some features available at PricePerHead that you won’t find at 247ppH. For instance, PricePerHead has in-play betting options plus a Spanish speaking customer service team and software suite that’s great if you have a lot of Spanish clientele.

However, all of these features come at a cost. An agent generally doesn’t need all of these features. They simply need reliable and sharp odds, great customer service, software that’s always working and excellent reports/customization options.

247PPH does all of these things very well. The software may look a bit no frills, but you pay a flat $10/head. By the time you add up all of the costs at PricePerHead you’re eating into profits that you should be putting in your pocket with 247ppH.

Price Per Head247PPH.COM
12$10 (Never More)
Online WageringOnline Wagering
Custom Skin WebsiteCustom Skin Website
Customizable Account SettingsCustomizable Account Settings
Player Account Management AdminPlayer Account Management Admin
Amount at Risk ReportAmount at Risk Report
Daily, weekly, monthly balance reportsDaily, weekly, monthly balance reports
Balance by AgentsBalance by Agents
Graded Wagers ReportGraded Wagers Report
Open Wagers ReportOpen Wagers Report
Financial ReportsFinancial Reports
Not AvailableSignup Promotion
1 Week4 Weeks Free
70 Plus Horse Racetracks70 Plus Horse Racetracks
Not Available99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
Casino SoftwareCasino Software
Mobile Device BettingMobile Device Betting
Live WageringLive Wagering
Not AvailableNo Minimum Fees