Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head
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The best live betting per head software for the price per head

As a private bookie, one of the best ways to build your weekly volume is through live in-game betting with dynamic lines from 247 PPH online sports betting software solutions. The ability to wager on games after they have gotten underway has become an extremely popular way to add even more excitement to all the action on the field, court or ice.

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Per Head Live Sports Betting

Live in-game betting extends your betting board for all the top betting sports. With 247 PPH as your pay per head bookie service provider, your betting customers will have access to adjusted lines as the game wears on as well as “what happens next” betting scenarios all game long.

247 PPH Dynamic Live Lines

Dynamic lines are constantly updated during natural breaks in the game so the action remains steady through the use of an advance mobile betting platform. Your players can place their bets in a matter of seconds through their mobile device. The live betting software application grades the betting results while also keeping track of the bets won and lost.

Live betting action may be fast and furious but you will always remain ahead of the game with real time results right at your fingertips through an online betting dashboard. You can also set your own betting limits for all the wager options offered through the live in-game betting software.

This unique added betting option is a win-win for you as a private bookmaker and your active betting base. Finding ways to generate more betting volume through existing betting customers is a proven way to enhance your overall hold percentage and bottom-line profit.

247 PPH Levels The Playing Field

The big commercial online sportsbooks go to great lengths to attract avid sports bettors to their online betting sites. One of the biggest draws for a wide variety of action is live in-game betting. This is too big of an opportunity to pass by as a private book. That is why the sports betting experts at 247 PPH have made the investment into leveling the playing field against the big books with their bookie software solutions.

The 247 PPH bookie services package rivals what the biggest online books are using to power their million-dollar websites. As a private bookie, you can rest assured that none of your customers will have a wandering eye when it comes to finding all the action they are looking for.

You can still build out your betting board anyway you want, but with 247 PPH supplying the lines for a wide array of options, you can rest assured that each of your customers can find everything they are looking for at your independent book. This includes live dynamic betting lines for all of that week’s big games. As mentioned, the live lines are constantly updated throughout the game with prop-style betting opportunities added along the way.

247 PPH Offers the Total Bookie Software Solution

Along with added benefits such as live in-game betting, the online gambling software experts at 247 PPH have built their bookie software package from the ground up. With the addition of proprietary software to the basic online sports betting platform, this PPH package covers all the bases when it comes to running and managing a successful private bookmaking operation.

Helping bookie agents like yourself for close to two decades, the sports betting experts at 247 PPH know exactly what it takes to excel in what has turned into a very competitive business environment. They act as a silent business partner with your best interests always top of mind.