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The best Racebook per head sportsbook software for the price per head

Today’s independent bookmakers are still taking in the lion’s share of the sports betting action despite increased competition in the sports betting industry. As a private bookie, you already have the built-in edge over all the big commercial competition with the higher level of customer service and personal attention to each betting account that they can never match.

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The most successfully private bookies fully use that edge to their advantage with the help of 247 PPH bookie services. This pay per head site knows exactly what it takes to be successful as an independent book and they have designed a comprehensive and turnkey bookie software package to meet those specific needs.

One of the best ways to maximize hold percentage as a private bookie is to create multiple streams of revenue. Once you set your own financial goals for your bookie business, you need to formulate a plan that can help you meet and hopefully exceed those numbers. With 247 PPH as a silent business partner, you can take your private bookie business to a level of success you probably only ever dreamed of.

247 PPH Racebook Software Solutions

Online sports betting is still the backbone of any private bookie business. When football, basketball, hockey and a host of other betting sports are in action, things are going to be booming on a weekly basis. 

Unfortunately, the top betting sports are off the board as long as seven months a year. An expanded sports betting board can help fill the gaps along with an expanded racebook for horse betting.

With access to more than 75 Thoroughbred and harness horse racing tracks across the country and around the globe, you can run and manage your own racebook. Using 247 PPH’s racebook software application, you can take in action on any track running a live daily card. 

The betting options are broken down by track into three categories (A, B &C). Win, place and show bets pay off at track’s odds. You can set your own limits for exotics such as trifectas, exactas and quinellas. You can also offer action on Daily Double bets just like a live track.

The biggest benefit of running your own racebook as a separate source of revenue is the sheer amount of action you can take in on a regular basis. Horse racing is a year round betting event. This becomes an excellent way to improve weekly cash flow while adding incremental profit to your bookie business bottom line.

It may take some extra time and effort on your part to build up your racebook handle but it is well worth it with the added dividends paid. This is steady business that is easy to manage with 247 PPH customized racebook software. This is the same software that the big commercial horse betting sites use run their racebook.

247 PPH Major Graded Stakes Events

Along with the software solutions to take in action on all the daily live cards, your racebook will be able to handle the sport’s biggest events. The first Saturday in May kicks off the annual Triple Crown racing season with the running of the Kentucky Derby. Moving to the first Friday and Saturday in November, you can profit on all the races in the annual Breeders’ Cup. These are two of the biggest horse betting events of the year. However, just about every weekend of the year there are a few major graded events at various tracks across the country. You can also take in betting action on major international stakes events in places like the UK, Japan and Dubai.

Developing a specific cliental for horse betting is your job as the private bookie. Running a seamless and profitable racebook is 247 PPH’s job as your online betting software experts.