Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head
Why Choose 247 PPh Sportsbook Software

The best per head sportsbook software for the price per head

The sports betting industry continues to expand at a rapid pace. While more and more states are adding land-based sportsbooks to the mix and the offshore books are ramping up their efforts to attract bettors to their online betting sites, most of the weekly sports betting volume still goes through private bookies.

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Per head sportsbook software

With the help of a quality bookie software provider such as 247PPH, you can be successful running and managing your own bookmaking operation. Owned and operated by sports betting experts with a world of experience in online gambling software experience, this pay per head site has risen to the top of the list in the online sports betting industry.

The 24PPH sportsbook software package is broken down into two main components:

247 PPH Players Interface

This first component allows your players to seamlessly log into their online betting account to access all of the services you offer. Backed by an operating system with deep levels of security and added redundancy for reliable performance, they can place bets, manage funds and recap results on a continuous 24/7 basis.

247 PPH Agents Interface

The second component is the operational engine driving your bookie business. A real time online dashboard helps you track daily and weekly betting activity, monitor individual player action and regulate your betting board. This is a pay per head solution that always keeps you in control. Efficient business operations are vital to creating a healthy hold percentage and profitable bottom line.

Some of the most important features of 247 PPH’s sportsbook software solutions package include:

  • Effective Player Management
  • Payment and Collection Tools
  • Real Time Agent Exposure Reports
  • Bet Ticker and Open Bets Tracker
  • Financial Data Reports
  • Custom Betting Lines

You can always rest easy that 247 PPH is handling the day-to-day operational end of the business so you can spend more of your time building and growing your customer base while also building and growing the bottom-line profit taken in.

With the use of world-class player management software, you will always stay out in front of the action coming in. It is far better to capitalize on opportunities as opposed to putting out fires after an issue arises.

This PPH software is among the fastest, most secure and highly flexible systems available today. With a comprehensive and turnkey approach to running your bookie business, you will be working with a product that would rival what the biggest commercial online sportsbooks are using to power their operations.

With 247 PPH by your side, you will also be able to completely level the playing field against the big commercial books with fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them. Delivered sharp, you will also have the ability to instantly move your lines or make changes to your betting board as needed. Once again, 247 PPH provides the ultimate control needed to run a successful private book.

Whether you have one customer or hundreds of sports bettors utilizing your bookie service, 247 PPH can meet and exceed all of your needs to get the job done in the most efficient and effective means possible. This is a pay per head service that truly earns the low and affordable weekly fee charged for each of your active betting customers.

As a way to prove this is the best PPH service in the online sports betting industry today, you can receive four weeks at no cost with no deposit to take 247 PPH on an extended test drive. See for yourself why thousands of bookie agents have already turned to 247 PPH for all their online sports betting software needs.